Colour LED decorative bulb lamp

Colour LED decorative bulb lamp

Colour LED decorative bulb lamp manufacturer in China, As a profession Colour LED decorative bulb supplier, We can provide a range of Color LED bulb, We can design according to your requirement.

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Different Base, wattage, voltage, Color, Size and outdoor LED light bulbs

Color LED Decorative bulb lamp is popular for use in Market, exhibition hall, hotels, meeting room, restaurant, entertainment, coffee house, pathway, decorative lighting in house and other indoor& outdoor business lightings.

  • Input voltage: 12V/24V/60V/120V/240V
  • Wattage: 0.3-5W
  • Size: Ø25mm–120mm
  • LED number: 1LED-81SMD
  • Lumen: 10-350lm
  • Color TEMP: 3000k-6500k
  • Lampholders Base: E12/E14/E26/E27/B22
  • Color : white/ warm white/ cool white/ red/ yellow/ bule/ green/ RGB
  • Material:PVC

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